Sancho - ein Freund für's Leben (B 32)

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    • Sancho - ein Freund für's Leben (B 32)

      Das ist Sancho!

      Sancho ist einer der absoluten Lieblinge im Shelter!

      Er ist lustig, immer fröhlich und er vergöttert seine Menschen. Sancho ist noch ein junger Hund, so ca. 50 cm groß.

      Wenn Sancho mit den anderen Hunden im Auslauf ist, dann ist immer gute Laune angesagt. Sancho liebt alle Hunde, Sancho liebt alle Menschen. Er geht gut an der Leine. Die braucht er aber eigentlich nicht, denn er bleibt immer in der Nähe seiner Menschen.

      Mit seinen strahlenden Augen kann er Eis zum Schmelzen bringen.

      Im Juli musste Sancho ins Shelter-Hospital, weil er - wie viele der anderen Hunde auch - sehr stark abgenommen hatte. Nun ist aber wieder zurück in seinem Käfig - und wartet ... und wartet!

      Sancho ist gechipt, geimpft und kastriert.

      Kontakt und weitere Infos:

      Die Fotos sind von September 2013:

    • Good evening my dear friends!!

      Just came from the country's late already here.

      I will tell you all more details about Sancho - uuuuuhhhhh - my beloved boy!!
      Scooby-Doo - my elephant (from being a puppy in the shelter with very few chances of adoption)
      Ruzhulya - my sweet, sweet, sweet girl!
      Utta - my shy princes!

      Just in short - due to bad food in the shelter Sancho - spent 1 month in the hospital shelter...with hepatitus...
      Now he is ok (If we can use ok for all the dogs on the shelter)

      I named hime Sancho - after Sancho Panza of Servantes "Don Quixote"
      As he is a real friend!! True and faithful!!

    • Also :)
      Eines schonen Tages I was standing in the passage of the long row of our sector,
      our sector has the biggest rows in the shelter - 22 cages and there is a passage right in the middle of such rows..
      where I stood..
      as at the moment in the sector there were very few volunteers we were running like horses from one cage to another where the dogs we cared for lived...

      and suddendly I saw a dog jumping high above the wooden wall of the cage - his head was UP and DOWN, UP and DOWN...APPEARING...DISAPPEARING..

      Do you remember the episode from Shrek 1 - when all fairy heros were brough to the bog of Shrek....and Shrek asked all of them - WHO KNOWS THE WAY TO LORD FARKUAD? as he wanted them to leave his lovely bog, all those heros stood still and only Donkey was jumping high about all their heads...shouting - ME! ME! I know the way!!

      So did Sancho to attract my attentinon.. :D

      I thought - what a funny dog...ok!!! Let's meet!!! And I entered the cage...Sancho was just happy - a human being visited him! He started to jump on me, tried to kiss me a thousand times! :D Ate titbits very accurately.
      Already during my second visit to his cage - I put a collar on him and asked him to walk with me out of the cage.
      He looked into my eyes as if asking - will you not hurt me?
      I said - Do you trust me!
      Sancho said - yes!
      And we went to the walking yard, where he was perfect with the other dogs, friendly, and tried to kiss all the volunteers who were at that moment in the walking area.
      Sancho and Tess lived together in cage 15. Sancho was never aggresive with her, no tried to steal her food and etc.

      Some year ago Scooby Doo was moved to Sancho's cage. As Scooby was agressive with the dogs he sat together. At first their relations were ok...but once during a week-day one of our volunteers told me she saw them fighting... :( And there was a big wound in his forehead...a festering wound...half of his face was swollen....
      The vets cured his wound.. It took almost month to cure.And Sancho was very obidient during all medical procedures.
      Sancho was moved to another cage -- 32 to avoid such fights with Scooby.

      All the volunteers of our sector and even the cleaners of the sector love him - as this dog is full of love to people!

      And this summer.....he was found vomiting...terribly......he lost much of his weight...the vets said - he had hepatitis...
      and he was kept in the hospital of the shelter...ONE MONTH!

      A few words about the hospital. I do not know who was the architect of the hospital...but I only know - he or she does not have brains at all....As the hospital is devided into small rooms....with no ventilation....the smell there is disgusting....the dogs are kept there - 2 or 3 in a small room....the doors are closed...they see nothing but 3 walls and the door, walking and etc.

      And Sancho just got crazy there, tired and sick of being there, he was EAGER to leave it.......When the vets gave their ok as to his leaving of the hospital - he RAN!!! RAN QUICLKY right to our sector....and to his cage......
      Try to imagine - what he felt in the hospital - as he was happy to return back to his cage...

      Now he is again - smiling and happy on the attention the girls pay him!

      A sweet, loving, tender boy!!

      May be - he is not a super-model dog in terms of his appearance - but what attracted me in him and all our girls - is his golden HEART!!!

      SANCHO!!! :wuub:

    • Ich weiß, dass Kathrin99 jetzt einen Freudentanz macht ... :D

      Denn unser Sancho hat zwar jetzt noch keinen Platz, aber er wird bald nachrücken können, wenn ein anderer Hund vermittelt ist. Marina wird ihren Sancho so lange auf eine Pflegestelle in Moskau bringen.

      Deswegen kriegt Sancho jetzt schon einmal ein dickes, fettes

      für Pension

      :laola: :laola:
    • Das Wuschelige - oh neeeeee :flenn:
      Birgit, was/wer ist das? Kannste über den was rausfinden??
      “To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring – it was peace.” Milan Kundera
      **Forenfremdes Zitieren, Kopieren u.Weiterverbreiten ohne Erlaubnis des Verfassers ist nicht gestattet!**
    • I am so HAPPY - that this golden heart now has a chance to find his people in Germany!

      He will not survive under the new management...even his young body failed to support him this summer...when they were given chip and disgusting food..after which he was in hospital for a month with hepatitus...and this lady - who bought such food - will be back again!

      I advertised him, hired payed advertisiment experts - NOT a single call for more than a year...

      nobody wants here a dog with an ordinary appearance...

      nobody sees his GOLDEN NEART!!

      if russians failed to do it - hope he will meet his family in Germany!

      THHHHHHHANK YOU ALLLL!!! :dance2: :laola: :wuub: :kissen: :dance3: