10+ Cat Ira FIV+

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    • 10+ Cat Ira FIV+

      Dear friends, can you help me find a home for an old cat?
      Her name is Ira. She came from the province, a very beautiful old town. Ira is 10+ years old and most of them she spent on the street. For those 10 years no one ever cared for her properly. During all those years no one took her at least for castration. Her last birth was this august when she gave birth to 6 kittens! After that Ira did not feel so well. It seems th...is last birth was too hard for her and it affected her body.
      Needless to say that only one kitten survived as usual and sadly it got sick from a deadly cat disease. The kitten is still fighting....
      So, after learning all those facts about Ira, i decided to bring her at least for castration. After the surgery i felt really sorry for her. Winter is coming and Ira would have lived again on the street. I knew that a cat who lived for so many years outside, will carry the consequences in her body. There is no other way. But i knew she deserves it! Deserves to live in a warm place with regular food - simple as that.
      So, i took her home. Now Ira feels great, her fur sparkles and she likes to sleep on radiator - a great joy for a cat that lived only outside.
      Now the health problems. Ira is positive for FIV. And also she has a positive test for pancreatitis. However, all other blood work results are just perfect. Ira has great apetite, she even plays a little.
      She mostly sleeps and enjoys a real home.
      To other cats she is okay unless they are very active and jumping on her back.

      Please, share her story and help me find a home for her.

      Here is a video:

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    • Hi Birgit,
      Ira also eats special food. Hills digestive care. She took some pills but not any more because her pancreatitis is under control. She doesn't vomit or have any other symptoms. She eats A LOT! :) And poops normally, also a lot :)
      Today we made another examination under echogardiagraph and like before only her gall bladder is in bad shape. But she is old and had a difficult life on the street ,so it is normal.
      For now Ira is stable and feeling well. We gave her a vaccine today.
      She even started playing around but mostly she sleeps.
      Vets said it until she has symptoms, everything is fine and she doesn't need any treatment.
      They told me pancreatitis can get only be controlled and never healed but they think cats can live with it.
    • Dear good people,

      Here is an update about Ira. She is still with me and i am trying desperately to find a new home for her.
      The season with abandoned kittens is about the start and my home is filled with cats from last season. I need to free the places so that i am able to help the next cats in need.
      That is why i am asking - do you know some reliable organization that will be willing to offer for adoption cats from Bulgaria? I have 4 cats at the moment that need to find homes and all of them are vaccinated and castrated, healthy and loving.

      About Ira. Poor old her - last month it became clear that on top of FIV and pancreatitis, she also has diabetes. She needs to take insulin but i cannot handle the injections so because of that Ira takes only pills for blood sugar which is not enough. I need to find a home for her as soon as possible where people will be able to give her insulin. Mission impossible maybe but at least i have to try and give her a chance.

      Ira doesn`t feel sick. She eats like a dinosaur, she even plays with balls from time to time and as a whole she feels great.

      Please, let me know if there is some kind of sanctuary for older cats in Germany where they could take Ira and give her the proper care.
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    • Update:

      Ira is still with me and she feels well. Unfortunately I cannot provide regular diabetic food for her and because of this she still maintains high blood sugar, but this is the maximum I can give to her, considering all other cat cases and bills we have. I suppose if she is on diet, this will help her blood sugar, but for now I am doing my best.

      I guess it is better than still living on the street.

      Ira is a very calm and full of life. The best she likes is to eat :)

    • Do you still have contact to Birgid? She said that she will take her if she is healthy enought to travel.

      "Wir haben nicht zwei Herzen – eins für die Tiere und eins für die Menschen. In der Gewaltausübung gegenüber ersteren und der Gewaltausübung gegen letztere gibt es keinen anderen Unterschied als derjenige des Opfers."
      Alphonse de Lamartine
    • Ira is still with me. I have no hope that she will be ever adopted.
      She feels great, takes insulin every day but I cannot keep a diet for her. I know this is very bad but I can't afford to keep a diet for her.
      Ira likes all.small.kittens and she took the role of a grandmother for them.
      If you want to help IRA , she is still looking for a Pate