Joaquin with badly broken jaw

  • This is Joaquin. He is a FIV+ cat living in a hoarder yard along with 30+ cats. At Christmas the hoarder called me to tell me there is a cat that screams when he eats. I told him that this is probably stomatitis and I must take the cat to give her injections with antibiotic and steroid and then return the cat back. The truth was more dramatic, sadly. The cat had a badly broken jaw on two places. No one knows how this happened. Most likely it was some dog or human kick.
    We named the cat Joaquin and vets immediately operated him because his jaw was almost falling apart and Joaquin was trying to put it back in place with his paw. He felt immense pain and had not been eating properly since Christmas.
    Now the boy is operated but he is having trouble to get out of anesthesia. He keeps low temperature (36 C) and has not been eating on his own.
    He has also stomatitis and calici. His tongue is in wounds but it has also injure there. The only good thing is that his blood work is okay.
    He had to move out of the clinic because he was dangerous for other cats there. So, we had to move him to a second clinic with intensive care.
    Joaquin seems a strong boy and we pray that he manages to recover and maybe finds a home, who knows...
    Please, send some positive energy to this poor guy!

    If someone wants to help us cover his bills, please use the following data:

    Clinic 1: operation costs: 150 EUR
    Dobro hrumvane
    please write: cat Joaquin, responsible person Denitsa Avramova

    Clinic 2: each day costs 20 EUR per day
    clinic does not have paypal.

    Or you can send to Anaa Katzen Deutschland that will also try to help collect donations for him:

    ANAA-Katzen Deutschland e.V.
    Bank: VerbundVolksbank OWL eG
    Konto: 901 497 800
    BLZ: 472 601 21
    IBAN: DE03 4726 0121 0901 4978 00

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    Ein Haus ist kein Zuhause, solange kein Hund darin wohnt.
    (Gerald Durrell)

  • Joaquin is doing much better! Next week we need to make new x-ray to see how the bone healed.
    He is eating well but he eats only when alone. He is very afraid of humans.
    He is ready to be released from clinic but no one wants to foster him. He is not good in the small box.
    I hope he has Luck and we manage to find a foster home for him soon.

  • The story of this cat unfortunately does not have a happy ending, not according to my views and criteria.

    I could not find neither a foster, nor a permanent home for him. So, i wrote about him in some Facebook groups. A woman with no cat experience from organization, that was not even registered, wrote to me that she can take his case. I had no choice and allowed her to "help" Joaquin.

    But she also could not find a good home for him. After several months she gave Joaquin to a young man who brought the cat to his car service house and placed him in a small room, filled with car parts. Joaquin lives there ever since. All alone. With no cat or human company. No balcony, no toys, no scratching post, even without bed. The car service is located in a small town in the most poor part of Bulgaria. There are no vets there.

    This is considered by this "organization" a happy end.

    To me this will be a lonely cold life.

    I am so sorry, Joaquin. It seems it would be better if you died instead of living like this for the rest of your life.

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    "Wir haben nicht zwei Herzen – eins für die Tiere und eins für die Menschen. In der Gewaltausübung gegenüber ersteren und der Gewaltausübung gegen letztere gibt es keinen anderen Unterschied als derjenige des Opfers."
    Alphonse de Lamartine

  • poor boy... this is not a good live!

    Isn't there a way to get him out of there???


    Ein Haus ist kein Zuhause, solange kein Hund darin wohnt.
    (Gerald Durrell)

  • It really breaks my heart because Joaquin was born in a cat colony. He lived years among other cats and he is used to having communication with others.

    Even if i convince this boy, car service owner, to give me the cat, what can i do with Joaquin... No one wants to adopt such cats. I don`t want and can`t adopt another cat. I have still 7 cats at home, some of them are chronically sick.

    Simply there is no place for a cat like Joaquin. Every cat deserves a chance, but for some this never happens.

  • so so sad

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    Please give me support. The tomcat can handle an apartment, is it compatible with other cats? What does Joaquin need? I have 2 peaceful cats here that are not +.

    Dear Luigi,

    Yes, i believe he can feel good in an apartment. I have taken several cats from that cat colony and they all feel good inside. I do not believe they had a good life in that yard. But of course everyone is individual and i have not been with Joaquin in my place. Right now he lives in a very small room alone and no one can say how he feels. But he does not mark the territory or screams to go outside, so i believe he can feel good inside.

    He is absolutely compatible with other cats. When he was outside he used to live with many others, including two very dominant males who were all in scars, always in wounds and i believe they were bosses of everyone. I never saw Joaquin fight or chase others. He is also now castrated.

    If you start thinking of giving him home, the only problem is that he is very very shy. He allows people to touch him, he is not aggressive but he will escape people hands at all costs, if possible. The other problem was that his mouth was in such a bad shape that vets were not sure if he also has stomatitis. His jaw inflammation was so big that they could not decide. I am sure now this can be resolved quickly as the jaw already healed and vets can see if his mouth has stomatitis for sure.

    As i said - it breaks my heart to know how and where he lives and what the future will be for him. He will live like a prisoner, that is the truth.