My lovely hoarder girl with stomatitis

  • Hello, all!

    I want to present you a very special cat to me with the hope that she could win another person's heart and finally have a normal life with a loving home she truly deserves!

    Her name is Sivusha (grey in Bulgarian) and is around 5-7 years old. She came into my office yard 2 years ago. She came to eat every singe day but never let me touch her and then went away. As every day passed I became in love with this pretty girl. She started to recognize the noise from my car and would immediately come to me begging for food. Winter months were very difficult for her. I noticed that she had problems with nose and she would cough very often. It seemed she does not cope with minus temperatures very well. That is why I made her a wooden hut with isolation and would put there warming pillow. She would enjoy this shelter and spend a lot of time there. I spent much energy and different methods to catch her so that I can castrate her, but I was unsuccessful every time. I knew she was pregnant and I felt awful because her health was deteriorating fast. She did not want to eat well and her nose was always dripping. It was a very sad picture to go to work to every day.

    Very soon I learnt that my favourite office cat was actually a hoarder cat. Just across my office there was a man who did not believe in castration so he let his cats give birth all the time until they became around 30 cats. All of them were outdoor cats and they did not have even shelter for the winter. When I found about this, I immediately went to talk to this man to offer him castrations. He refused and said this is against there nature. I went many more times bringing food for the cats and trying to convince him to castrate the cats. He said that Sivushka is one of his cats but she did not want to stay there and that is why she moved to my office. He also said that she does not fight for her food, meaning that she would give away her food or wait for all other cats to eat and only after them, she would go and eat what is left. Who can blame the smart cat - the man did not have enough food or shelter for the cats. They were all wild because he never touched and played with them.

    This summer he already had around 30 new babies. But he declined again. This summer he had to watch how all the 30 babies died one after the other from viruses and genetical disease. After this he called me and said this is a nightmare and he wants to start castrations.

    Of course that we started with my lovely Sivushka! I asked him to help me catch her and we did it! Sivushka went to the clinic but her health was already very bad so she had to spend 14 days in the clinic before castration. While she was there veterinarians discovered she had the most horrible conditions - stomatitis. They decided to castrate and remove her teeth during one surgery but she received lung crisis and they were able to remove only 4 teeth.

    After that I released her back to the street because no one wants to foster wild cats. Everyone wants to help social and friendly cats. For several months everything was okay. But then stomatitis came back and she was again unable to eat normally. So, I managed to catch her and brought her for antibiotics and steroids. Only one injection and my lovely cat was back to herself.

    Now she is feeling well, eating normally and living without constant fight for her babies. Every day she waits for me at the office door and knows my car noise. I feed her special wet food, buy her different supplements to keep her healthy. But I know this will not be forever and while on the street, she will never be completely fine. She made great progress in trusting humans and I know if she is in a real home, she will bond with her human.

    I will never forget one very special moment me and her shared. We were at the clinic and she was in the box feeling very scared and terrified. She was trembling and this made me feel anxious too. I leaned over her box and said her name. Then she looked at me and blinked at me and then licked her lips. After that she stopped trembling. This was a sign to me that she trusts me and recognized me as her friend. Maybe the only friend who believes in her.

    So, I decided I must do everything that is possible to find a home for her where she will feel warm during winter and will never have to share her food again. I am searching for a foster home here and I believe I will find a person who will help me.

    I know that Sivushka will not impress anyone. I know there are so many cats out there who are much more attractive and social than her. But I also know that stomatitis will kill her if I don`t do something. Even if she dies, I want to give her several years of warmth and regular food, of calm environment and peace.

    Please, share her story and if you know someone who would love a stray cat with stomatitis, show them my lovely office cat. She may not know how to trust humans, but she knows how to show affection. I can promise you that!

    Photos and videos of Sivushka and the other hoarder cats. I managed to castrated all adult cats and in sping we will castrate the remaining babies. If you want to help with food, medicine or vet bills, let me know. We need all the help we can get.


    Sivushka welcomes me -

    Sivushka is sick -

    Sivushka is sick -

    Hoarder cats -

  • Update:

    Sivusha is living in a foster home since 24 December. She is eating well but her stomatitis is active and painful. She is used to pain because she lived so many years in pains and she does not show it. She is also suffering from a chronic nose infection. She had a very difficult life and the consequences will stay with her forever.

    I love her so much, somehow I feel her so close to me. Because of that I feel so helpless. I don`t know how to help her, how to find a good home for her where she will be accepted with all the baggage she has. She lives in the home of a friend of mine and he does not have a lot of time for her.

    I guess I need to find comfort in the thought she is safe, away from cold weather and hunger. But is she happy? I do not know. For 7 years no human showed her love and care and now she does not understand we want to help her. She is always so calm and skeptical to us. She is never aggressive, she only watches us as if she saying "I don`t care; I don`t believe you are good"....Even our vets are skeptical about her and don`t believe she will have a forever home. Sometimes I feel that I am the only one interested in her future and wellbeing.

    I hope the future of my lovely office girl hides a surprise and she can finally have some years that will be happy and calm.

    I thank Anaa Katzen Deutschland for the food they send to the remaining hoarder cats! The cats need anti-flea treatment and if you want to help, please send a donation for them to Anaa Katzen.

  • Goodbye, Sivusha! Run free in the heavens without pain and suffering. You had such a difficult life, suffered so much pain. And yet you were so brave and fighting even until the end.

    You spent your life in loneliness and i will be always sorry for not having the place in my home for you.

    I hope i will meet you one day again...

    Rest finally in peace, my lovely office girl.

  • :kerze: ... ich wünsche dir eine gute Reise über den Regenbogen, kleine Sivusha ... :kerze:

    (tier)liebe Grüße, Elisabeth
    Ich bin Leben, das leben will, inmitten von Leben, das leben will (Albert Schweitzer)

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  • :kerze:

    Liebe Grüße von Brigitte/Pauline mit Stevi und den Sternenfellchen im <3

    Die Tierschutzarbeit ist eine große Herausforderung für Idealisten.
    Wenn einer träumt, bleibt es Traum, wenn viele träumen, wird der Traum Wirklichkeit

  • Oh Deni, it's so terrible and I'm so sorry ;(

    Come well over the rainbow bridge, little Sivusha :kerze:

    You will always live in Denis heart :kuscheln:

    „Wenn man sich mit der Katze einlässt, riskiert man lediglich, bereichert zu werden.“
    (Sidonie-Gabriell Colette)

  • :kerze:

    Tierliebe Grüße, Anita
    Man kann auch ohne Hund leben, aber es lohnt sich nicht. (Heinz Rühmann)

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  • I'm so sorry, Deni.

    Run free, little Angel.




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